Los Angeles Dance Academy is a community of like-minded individuals with deep love for the performing arts.
Our versatile teaching staff brings professionalism and fun to each class no matter the age or level.

Our goal is to cultivate a nurturing environment for our dancers to create, perform, and inspire each other.
We promote a positive and safe atmosphere for students to build self-confidence and reach new levels in their artistry.

There is no greater joy than to see our dancers grow their repertoire from year to year.

Mission Statement

Los Angeles Dance Academy “LADA” aims to create a supportive community for dancers to train and become educated in all dance styles.
We teach our students be positive peers.  We also promote diverse training from ballet to hip hop and everything in between.
“Love All, Dance All” is the practice we instill in our young artists.

Why choose us?

• Professionally trained teachers & choreographers
• Positive role-models & mentors
• Floating dance floors to reduce fatigue and injury while dancing
• Full-length mirrors in every classroom
• Permanently installed ballet barres
• Desk staff available to assist you during class hours
• Performance opportunities

• Higher dance education counseling available
• Wi-Fi connection available 

• A community environment for all; parents, students, & staff!

What are the benefits of attending LADA?

Our classes are structured to build a strong and safe foundation in dance and the related arts.
In taking class students will:

• Stretch and tone the body 
• Develop greater flexibility and coordination
• Improve circulation and posture
• Build stamina
• Learn basic technique and vocabulary
• Develop an appreciation for the art of music and dance
• Encouraged to be yourself!

A message from the owners

I am a mother of two amazing girls who love to dance. As my girls became more interested and skilled at dance, I began looking beyond our local dance studio for more advanced training is a safe environment. I was unable to find a studio that met their needs. We wanted a place that offered diverse dance techniques that went beyond ballet with minor emphasis on other styles. I was able to find a wonderful and talented teacher, Katie, who was also interested in building an environment to train young dancers in all dance styles. Together, we have created a safe environment where kids of all ages and skill levels can either train to become a great dancer or just dance for fun.

Talia Feldman, Business Owner

I wanted to create a dance studio that brings the small town dance studio feel to the big city! A place where every child is greeted by name and feels welcome.  With the help of Talia, we have made a wonderful space that is inviting for every dancer no matter their dance experience or ability.  Our teachers are diverse in their dance backgrounds and offer the very best in their areas of expertise.  If you are looking for a dance studio that is kind, caring, and offers the very best in each dance discipline…look no further you are home! 

Katie Perry-Jeffery, Business Owner