Chela Reyna

Chela Reyna stepped into her first dance class at three years old in her small hometown of Nevada City, CA.  She danced on and off throughout her early childhood, trying every sport but always finding her way off the fields and back into the studio where she knew her heart was home. At age ten she started training seriously, and she never stopped. She has trained and performed in ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, theatrical, acro, and aerial silks. Chela is also trained in Yoga and Pilates and has earned her Black Belt in the Martial Art of Kuk Sool Won.

Chela is currently a student at CSUN obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema Arts for Screenwriting with a minor in Dance. She also has an honors degree in Cultural Studies, and she is studying German, Spanish, and French languages. She loves incorporating her passion for cultural connection with her passion for dance. Her moving, themed choreography has garnered her multiple awards in both theatrical and world dance competitions. It is Chela’s goal to continuously combine her creative passions and her education to interweave a positive influence into the entertainment industry, and thus into the world around us.

Chela has been assisting and instructing for the past eight years, and she loves working with dancers of all ages. In her teaching of technique and skill, she also helps students develop their own unique form of creative expression, find their own core inspiration and connect with their belief in their own ability and potential. Chela could not be more excited to be part of LADA and share the joy of dance with all. 

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