COVID-19 Protection Plan

General Safety and Health Protocols

  • Lobby will be closed to everyone.  All in-studio classes will be streamed via Zoom for parents to view. 
  • Separate Entrance and Exit to Studio
  • Water Fountain Closed
  • No Food or Drinks will be sold at the studio
  • Floors will be marked for social distancing
  • Studio props will not be used with the exception of barres
  • All LADA staff will wear masks
  • No outside shoes will be allowed in the studio, no exceptions.
  • Students must bring all their own belongings in one bag with name clearly marked
  • Students must bring their own dance shoes, borrow shoes will be unavailable. 
  • Temperature checks will be done for all staff and dancers with a non-touch infrared thermometer
  • Strict drop off and pick up protocols
  • Hands washed or sanitized before and after class for staff and students
  • Classes will end a few minutes early to allow for cleaning in between classes
  • Cleaning protocols will be put in place between classes and nightly (feel free to ask for specifics). 
  • A/C units are already serviced regularly and fans will be circulating air in studios

Drop off and Pick up Procedures – dancers CAN NOT be dropped off early or picked up late

  • Dancers ages 5 and up (able to take mask on/off themselves) are required to wear a mask in the studio common spaces (lobby when entering, bathroom, and exiting class). 
  • Dancers will wait outside studio entrance (6-feet apart/walkway will be marked) 
  • Upon entrance into the lobby area, dancers will have their temp checked and remove street shoes which will be placed in their bags, and hands sanitized (or washed)
  • Dancers will be sent to their class room to place their bags on a marked spot spread out 6 feet along the walls and instructed to find their designated spot placed 6 feet apart on the dance floor
  • Dancers will be permitted to use the bathroom one at a time
  • Pick up will be at the emergency exit door past the lobby entrance
  • Parents MUST be waiting outside for dancers prior to the end of class

Why we don’t wear Masks during class

According to an ER physician with a three year old daughter, kids ages 18 months to 12 years end up adjusting and touching their mask continually while doing physical activity and it inevitably means that they touch their face more and there for are at a greater risk of inhaling live airborne virus particles.  We will not be requiring students to wear masks during class time.  However, if you would like for your child to wear a mask, we support your decision and will encourage your child to keep the mask in place for the duration of class.