COVID-19 Protection Plan

General Safety and Health Protocols

  • Lobby will be closed to everyone 
  • Masks will be required at all times
  • Separate Entrance and Exit to Studio
  • Water Fountain Closed
  • No Food or Drinks will be sold at the studio
  • Floors will be marked for social distancing
  • Studio props will not be used with the exception of barres
  • All LADA staff will wear masks
  • No outside shoes will be allowed in the studio, no exceptions.
  • Students must bring all their own belongings in one bag with name clearly marked
  • Students must bring their own dance shoes, borrow shoes will be unavailable. 
  • Temperature checks will be done for all staff and dancers with a non-touch infrared thermometer
  • Strict drop off and pick up protocols
  • Hands washed or sanitized before and after class for staff and students
  • Classes will end a few minutes early to allow for cleaning in between classes
  • Cleaning protocols will be put in place between classes and nightly (feel free to ask for specifics). 
  • A/C units are already serviced regularly and fans will be circulating air in studios

Drop off and Pick up Procedures – dancers CAN NOT be dropped off early or picked up late

  • Dancers will wait outside studio entrance (6-feet apart/walkway will be marked) 
  • Upon entrance into the lobby area, dancers will have their temp checked and remove street shoes which will be placed in their bags, and hands sanitized (or washed)
  • Dancers will be sent to their class room to place their bags on a marked spot spread out 6 feet along the walls and instructed to find their designated spot placed 6 feet apart on the dance floor
  • Dancers will be permitted to use the bathroom one at a time
  • Pick up will be at the emergency exit door past the lobby entrance
  • Parents MUST be waiting outside for dancers prior to the end of class