Emily Lavengood

Emily Lavengood a free spirit here in Los Angeles to offer an entirely new perspective on beauty and art through different medians. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, she has learned to extract beauty and appreciation through the simplicity of just being. Through dance, choreography, poetry, photography and writing, Emily aims to demonstrate the utmost excellence, to cause you to twist your opinions and thoughts, to offer different perspectives and un felt emotions, for voices to be seen.

She has choreographed countless numbers for competition studios across the Colorado region, receiving many top placing awards and Best Choreography award in 2013. Visual arts allows people to feel emotions before they understand entirely what they are seeing, the audience has the opportunity to derive at their own conclusions based off of what they see through an emotional filter; however when executed correctly she can control the conclusion, her voice will be heard. Emily wants to give the world something more than a shiny object, she wants to cause people to think, to inspire them to act and live a more intentional life, she want to spread the meaning of love, beauty, and acceptance through the most complicated path, or the most simplistic.

Emily has been trained in a variety of dance techniques ranging from classical ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, locking, tap, contemporary, pointe work as well as arial skills. After graduating from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, she continued to train in her craft under some of the industry’s finest at the Performing Arts Center professional training program for another 9 months. She has learned to be patient and the undoubtable effects of hard work.

Emily strives to bring something to the table that was not expected, but will be talked about for hours. She wants to create movement that is a facility for dancers to be fearless, challenged, and for them to feel a real authentic connection. Emily writes about her days and the coffee filled laughs that fill each moment on her blog, 22inLA, where she talks about the difficulties and the bliss of being a young artist in this industry. Movement and Writing are the two spirals that make up Emily’s DNA. She sees creation and opportunities in everything, the world is this giant stage awaiting her, she is so ready.

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