Mikayla Whaley

Mikayla Whaley was born and raised in Southern Orange County and began taking her first dance class at the age of 3. After a few years of dancing around the ballet barre, she gave a few other sports a try such as gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, and swimming. It was only a matter of time before she got back into the studio at age 10, but this time for Hip Hop! Little did she know, that one class would set the tone for the rest of her life.

With about 3 years of intense passion, fun, and training, Mikayla figured it was time to audition for her first competitive Hip Hop team! After being accepted to the team, she then stayed and competed with them for the next 4 years taking her places she had only dreamed. From Las Vegas and Palm Springs Nationals (Winning Grand Champion in both), to World’s Florida (Placing in the top 10 with over 60 teams)! Aside from teams, Mikayla also did solo hip hop competitions as well. She began assisting her coach at the age of 18 with the Hip Hop teams and was soon given her first class at age 19. Because of her coach and mentor’s belief in Mikayla, she has now been teaching children ages 5-18 for the past 4 years.  She began coaching Mini Hip Hop and Youth Hip Hop.  After Highschool, she attended a few years of college only to realize dance is where her heart wanted to be forever.  She packed up her bags and made the move to the city of opportunity, Los Angeles! Mikayla has been living and dancing in Los Angeles for the past 2 years and has managed to dance with Academy of Villains, performing in many exhibition sets with them.  She then moved onto training on her own at studios like Millennium, Debbie Reynolds, The Edge, and more. After really thinking about her main goal with dance was, she moved on to find a mentor to help guide her through this crazy journey. She then applied for KreativMndz Dance Academy back in December 2016 where Antoine Troupe and Kolanie Marks would then be her guidance if she were to be accepted. After what felt like an eternity, she was accepted in the first round of auditions and began her training with them back in February, 2017.  Since then she has been training up to 18 hours a week and the progress and growth has been tremendous. Since attending KMDA, she has been in numerous shows and feels the momentum of her career starting to flow!

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